Sunday, September 9, 2007

More wondering about meds

I had a chat with my cousin yesterday about her son. He started a new school this week also, so I just wanted to check up on how he fared. He did pretty well, but she told me something that I was previously unaware of. On his first day of school, he didn't eat. I thought maybe it had been the new environment, but she told me that it was because of his meds. Apparently, the medication has the side effect of being an appetite suppressant as well. That could be a problem. So she kept him off of the meds his second day and he ate just fine, but was also off the wall. So she's settled on a half dosage during school time.

I find this to be a scary thought. Gus eats like a maniac, but you'd never know it. He's skin and bones. I couldn't imagine what would happen if he lost his appetite. So this gives me even one more reason to not want him on medication.

It's not an immediate concern; he does just fine at school without anything, and sending his lunch with him to school has so far worked out well enough.

It's as if that word, "medication" is just looming off in the darkness, a predator biding its time before it decides to strike. I know it's there, but there are only so many escape routes, and it scares me. The best possible outcome would be for me to wake up and realize that it was just a frightening dream. Not a bad one, just a dream featuring a parade of threatening imagery. I wouldn't trade my Gus for anything, but sometimes the other stuff, I could really do without.

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