Monday, April 21, 2008

Absolutely amazing

This little boy never fails to amaze me. He had to have 2 baby teeth out today. I fully expected a disaster and prepared accordingly. I made sure that my husband was home to take care of MM so that I could fully attend to Gus. I explained in very vague terms what would be happening today as we arrived at the dentist. We had planned to use Nitrous Oxide, but the machine was broken. I was tempted to just reschedule, but I decided we would try and see what happened.

The dentist was absolutely wonderful. He went very slowly with the Novocaine injections. Gus winced a few times, but he was the calmest I've ever seen him in this type of situation (he had to have stitches once and also underwent another surgery). And then with a few twists, the teeth were out! No fuss, no sweat!

I am so proud of him, I can't even believe it. He's a way better patient than I've ever been!

Today was a big win and I think the tooth fairy will be bringing a pretty sweet prize tonight!