Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ransoming Computer Time

Wow, I haven't posted here in ages! But I had a funny that was just too good to pass up.

Gus has been having a very emotional day today, getting agitated easily and quickly losing his ability to regulate himself. So he played in his room for a bit and DH decided to take that opportunity to play a new Spiderman XBox game. Of course as soon as Gus heard it, he wanted to play. DH showed him the controls, and Gus usurped control of the game to DH's displeasure. Eventually, DH wrested control of the game back, which annoyed Gus. What was worse was that he had been banned from the computer for a while. We turned off the television altogether because it seemed that he needed a break from all electronics.

He went upstairs. He came back downstairs. We offered a board game and he refused to play. As we sat around the board with MM, I caught Gus crawling under the computer chair trying to sneak to the computer. He also tried to sneak to the television remote. Finally, I noticed him rummaging around the printer. Odd. He grabbed a pencil and scribbled something on a blank sheet of paper:

The first note:
I am Busy right Now
So What?

He brought it to me and asked me to make it into a paper airplane. Over my laughter, I heard him explain that he was busy and needed the computer. That effort, of course, failed.

The second note:
Come on
I Will olny Be on the computer
for 24 seconds

That one I did turn into a paper airplane! But again, we held firm. But he was amused by that point.

The final note (and keep in mind, he was humming Pink's So What as he scribbled):
We are going to Start a Fight nowww!

I don't think he has any future as a career ransomer, but he sure is funny! He and I eventually went upstairs to build bridges out of wood blocks and had the best time.