Saturday, May 17, 2008

Promising, so far

The report from Gus's teacher was pretty good at the end of day two. He had a good morning but needed more redirection in the afternoon. I was concerned that she'd be less than objective and gloss over negative behavior out of a desire to not have me give up the medication trial too soon. I should really trust her more by now, but I'm not a trusting sort by nature, so I just have to work within my own limitations.

I didn't notice anything before he left for school, but in the afternoon he had stayed awake on the bus as usual. The biggest thing was that he was much calmer than he usually is. He wanted to write a story for my sister who was coming to visit and he sat down several times to watch television. He usually races back and forth through the room, crashing into the doors. He was still hyper, but it was definitely a subdued hyper. I had to laugh at the look on my sister's face when I pointed out, "this is calm."

I'm still somewhat peeved about the meds, but perhaps I'll get over it in time, if we see a real improvement in Gus's ability to control his impulses and focus at least in school. I must keep reminding myself - this isn't about me; it's about what will help him to learn and function safely in the world.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Strattera - day one

I'll apologize now if this happens to get boring, but I need to chronicle Gus's reactions to the meds and this is more reliable (unless I somehow lose my computer) than physically writing down. I may just do both.

I took Gus to his pediatrician yesterday and she took some baselines of all his vitals. He'd already had his liver function checked not long ago when he started his genetic testing. So we started him on the lowest dose - 10 mg - this morning.

An hour and a half later, he was racing around, but he got himself dressed, down to his shoes, with minimal redirection. He's responding when I ask him questions & doesn't seem zoned out at all. Right now, he's watching television quietly. He's covering his ears, which he's been doing a lot, but not usually in the house. He usually covers then when he's going to the bus.

As much as I didn't want to (just to see what the reports were without them knowing he's on medication) I had to tell his teacher that he's started the medication trial. Heaven forbid he suddenly has a bad reaction or an accident in school - they'd need that information. So, we'll see what she has to say this afternoon.

I am not happy about this latest turn of events, but if it helps him I guess I can live with it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Son the Bat

"What are you humming?" The question came from the dining area, about seven feet away. There was a little sister talking and the pellet stove fan was droning, not quietly. But Gus was able to hear that I was in the kitchen humming to myself very much under my breath.

Seven feet isn't that far, but with other noise going on and me being very quiet, I'm amazed that he heard. It explains why he's still covering his ears when he gets on the school bus or while at school. We may not notice offensive sounds, but he clearly hears things that the average person would not.

This uncanny ability leads me to wonder what he's really been crying about recently. He had about three crying spells last week and another one yesterday at school. I wonder if he's heard us talking about the medications. I really have to be better about not discussing him when he's within HIS earshot, because even when he doesn't seem to be listening, he often is.

"What are you humming?" From the top of the dining table with a book opened in front of him, he never even looked up. But he heard me.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Was last Week

All week long, Gus has been incredibly huggly and snuggly and kissy. At school, they must have been working on saying, "I love you very much," and punctuating it with a kiss. Gus's usual demonstration of affection is to 'peck' me like Piplup the Pokemon. So it was fun when he started giving actual kisses, but not quite the same. The kisses were sort of forced and rehearsed. But both are welcome, don't get me wrong.

Anyway, I've had a week of hugs and kisses. This morning, Gus woke up and never even came into our room! He was more concerned with getting downstairs to make French toast for me (in bed at that)! Apparently I had used up my quota of hugs and kisses.

Finally, I called him and my husband steered him into our room to wish me a happy day, blah blah. I said, "You haven't given me hugs and kisses today." He climbed right up on the bed and gave me a whole week's worth of pecks. Now that is a great gift.