Monday, June 9, 2008

Beating the Heat

The heat index is reportedly going up to dangerous levels today and tomorrow. Days like these, I worry about Gus, not just for the obvious reasons, but because his body never seems to respond well to even less intense heat. He gets awful eczema all summer long, incredible angry red bumps and blotches all over the backs of his legs and inner elbows. along with the inflammation come itching and discomfort, sometimes he rips up his skin something fierce. The rashes have, at times, extended to more unmentionable parts too, which is my big concern today.

Last week it was hot, but not sweltering. He apparently kept fussing with his pants and before the end of the day, he pulled them off. His tactile sensory issues are usually only a problem if he gets his clothes wet, so I concluded that his skin was the issue, not the clothes. I put what I could on his skin today to keep him comfortable (as much as I hate using steroids i.e. hydrocortisone, I can't watch him suffer for the next three months). So hopefully, he'll keep his pants on - literally - today. And I really hope that someone has the good sense to keep the little ones indoors, out of the beaming sun, today.

If anyone knows of any natural eczema ointments or creams that work really well, please comment and let me know! It would be great to help him without the steroids.