Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wonderfully Imperfect

Gus has been off Strattera for a few days now. I will admit, he's a little less focused and a little more hyperactive. I find myself having to tell him to do something ten times instead of eight. And ya know what? I'm so happy!

The Strattera seemed to suppress something essential in him. He became 'dulled.' I can't go so far as to say he was like a zombie, but he certainly lost his light. Sure he was calmer, but he wasn't Gus. Even the bus driver, who hadn't seen him since last summer, immediately noticed the difference.

As much as I'd like him to be able to focus, I don't want to lose all the parts of him that make him special. He's laughing again. He's running and animated (boy is he running and animated!) He's joking and singing - exuberant! I'd be an idiot to not want this version around. And he's sleeping again, thank heavens! One very interesting thing - I took him to a crowded beach today and he didn't have single problem. (He had two minor incidents last week, in a much smaller crowd of beach-goers.)

I'm sure that there are many people in the world who think the dull version is more socially appropriate, just because he was quieter, but they can, quite frankly, bite me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Gus's last day on Strattera was Monday. It's a huge relief, and I feel like I've got my son back. He's more animated and he's eating again, thank goodness! So far there haven't been any major complaints from school. He was a little squirmy on the bus yesterday afternoon, and he was a little chatty and loud on the bus this afternoon. Otherwise, no unsafe behavior.

I got to observe him at school yesterday for a little while and the teacher seemed pleased and impressed by his encyclopedic knowledge. I'm sure she could have done without the low-level talking to himself, but she took it in stride.

He's been showing signs of sensory turbulence lately. He'd been okay with noise for a long time, but lately, since the spring, he's been covering his ears more and more. Now there's a student in the class who screams randomly. We're considering noise cancelling earphones.

Amazing how much easier I'm breathing this week.