Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Homework fun

"Six minus one?"


"Six minus one?"


Repeat ten times.

"I'm going to say it until you get tired of hearing it and give me the answer."

Sigh. "Five!"

"Great! Three minus three?"

Silence. Yeah, wise guy, gotcha now! He smirks, knowing he's caught.

"Uh...three." We both laugh and he gives me the right answer.

Earlier in the homework adventures...

"Okay, write your name and try to keep your letters on the line." Of course the letters start to float above the line, a weak escape attempt. "Oh no! Where are those letters going? They're flying away!" Giggles. We erase, try again, and get the first name on the line. Soon, the letters of the last name start to drift up. "Hey! Those letters are flying without a license! Get them down from there!"

Gus draws a little circle next to the last letter. "That's their ticket!"

This is going to be a fun year.