Monday, October 8, 2007

Whose Fault is it Really?

Gus decided to go pay a neighbor a visit this evening. Under normal circumstances, this might not be such a big deal. The problem is that we don't really know these neighbors and he barged into their home uninvited.

This hasn't been a problem in a while. He used to run into our old neighbor's apartment across the hall, and when we first moved here, he went into our next door neighbor's house. But he hasn't done that in about a year.

I want to throttle someone, but who? Do I blame the six year old who was just curious about what the people down the way were watching on television? Do I get mad at the father who was grilling outside and was supposed to be watching his son? Do I kick myself in the butt for allowing Gus to go out, when I know my husband can't multi-task, when we already had an incident earlier when my husband was supposed to be watching the kids, while I was inside mashing sweet potatoes? Who's really to blame here?

Or maybe I should just be grateful that our neighbors aren't maniacs and didn't try to hurt my son or scream at him (like the guy next door did last year) call the police or some other reaction that could have made this situation much worse.

Gus has been punished and is losing all video game and computer privileges for three days. I told my husband that I thought he should lose his gaming rights for three days as well; he was supposed to be responsible while Gus was outside or else he should have sent Gus in until he could pay attention. But he apparently does not agree.

So what I've learned today is that I cannot turn my back long enough to pee or to make a side dish for dinner.

And they say that having a child with special needs can put a strain on a marriage. I can't imagine why. By my view, it's not so much the child or the special needs that are the problem.

Please comment and let me know: am I wrong and/or crazy?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Born Leader

"Titans, go!" Gus shouted in his Robin costume and then took off racing across the room, probably after the baddest of bad guys, Slade. His sister, dressed as Starfire, tore after him. Amusingly enough, the three other kids did the same. He leads, they follow. Not bad for the kid with the poorest social skills of the lot.

We went to a Halloween themed birthday party this afternoon, and I'm so proud of Gus. The room was full of people, but he managed himself like a champ. He only attempted to leave the room once. The rest of the time he ran with the other children, took part in games like Duck, Duck, Goose, and was accepted as one of the crowd. It was awesome to see! Heck, he knew the rules to Duck, Duck, Goose better than I did.

He did not have a single meltdown at the party. The diet went right out the window, but everything was fine. For a day, treats and sweets won't kill him.

Even toward the end of the day after we were home, his only meltdown was when the computer started acting wonky, and I think that was more hunger than computer frustration. How do I know this? Because he sat down for dinner without doing his usual laps around the living room. That only happens when he's famished.

Anyway, it was a good day and the costume has survived enough for Halloween.