Friday, September 7, 2007

First Week

So Gus went back to school this week and all went well. He's got a new teacher which concerned me because I was worried about the adjustment. He seems happy though. It helps, I think, that he got all his old aides. No homework yet, but I suppose that's because it was a short week.

The diet may not be too much of an issue. I've been sending in his lunch and breakfast, so I haven't had to worry about what the school is giving him.

All he's really said about school is that, "First grade is hard work." The poor kid's been exhausted.

We went camping over the weekend just before school started and he was so happy. There was a fallen tree that he spent most of his time climbing - better than any jungle gym. He did well with not wandering and he helped with the wood gathering a bit. He thought that was hard work, too. He doesn't know the half, but I found it funny that he commented.

And his blood work came back negative. This means he's got no syndromes exacerbating his issues. And there are no toxic lead levels. I haven't see the reports, so I can't say there's NO lead in his system, but not enough for a doctor to be concerned. I'll meet with the doctor on the 17th and then I'll know more.

So that's about all for now. Nothing particularly insightful or (probably) interesting, but just what's going on.


  1. No news is definitely good news!
    BEst wishes

  2. *agrees with other commenter*

    I hope things go well with the doc. :)


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