Friday, September 14, 2007

Mayhap it will be okay

We spoke to Gus about the new school and today took him to see it. He seems excited to be going there and I think he understands what's going on. He was talking to his counselor on Wednesday about it, and when we got to the school this morning, he went right in, sat down and played with a Leap Pad. He joined the group for an art class while I talked to the teacher.

It seems that he may still be one of the higher functioning kids in the class - the other boys didn't seem extremely verbal, but from one day, I can't really tell that sort of thing. The teacher says they are.I just have to believe that he'll be fine.

I've been noticing some things that are worrisome, like his posture. He was slouching in the art class and he's generally been very focused on video games and television and not wanting to go to school. So I'm hoping that the change will reignite his interest in school.

I spoke to the social worker, the Principal at the old school and called the district. The Principal's office called back and said that he may be able to make the switch as early as Tuesday if they can get the transportation worked out. I'd be very pleased if that could happen. Very pleased indeed! I don't want him to linger at the old school - it would only serve to confuse him.

So, hopefully all will be well. I'll keep ya posted.

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