Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So soon??

I just got a very scary call from Gus's principal. There's space at one of the programs in a district school and he is a prime candidate for the program. In other words, they want to change his school, like right away.

I should be thrilled about this, right? It's a step closer to mainstreaming. Surely this is a good thing.

So why am I short of breath?

He's just getting used to his new teacher, now they want me to make him transition to a new school, new teacher, new aides, new bus, new bus route...I'm panicking for him! What if he regresses? What if he starts to run again? What if he doesn't like the kids? What if the regular ed kids are mean to him? What if what if what if???

And I have to decide right away before he gets too comfortable where he is.

I think this would be a good day for medication. First 9/11 anniversary, then trip to the vet, then this. What else today?

I was able to get over to the new school today to meet the social worker and the teacher. I know this will be a good move for Gus. He'll have opportunities for mainstreaming little by little that he would miss at his current school. Other than that the programs are almost identical. And he is currently the highest functioning kid in his class, with a first year teacher. In the new school, he'd be more among peers on the same level, socially, as he is and with a teacher who has loads (ten years) of experience in this program. The only down side is the transition, but I think he's got the tools now to be able to cope with that.

So I'll take him back to the new school on Friday to see how he likes it and how he fits in. That will be interesting as I'm having major dental surgery tomorrow. I'll probably scare the poor kids silly. Wish me luck at any rate.


  1. We wish you lots of luck. Transitions are always a nightmare around this neck of the woods, but it sounds like this might be just the ticket. I hope so.
    Best wishes

  2. I know just how you feel - Gus will probably amaze you and do really well, so hang in there! Wishing you tons of luck,



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