Monday, August 13, 2007

Whaddya Know

We went to see the nutritionist today at the Center for Natural Healing located in Kingston, NY. What a fascinating practice!

Marsha uses Nutrition Response testing, which upon further research seems to be (or at least closely related to) Applied Kinesiology. Now the latter has been criticized as 'quackery' ( see Quackwatch) and honestly, if I didn't have some level of experience with energy work, I'd probably agree. Yet, NRT seems to combine elements of acupuncture and homeopathy to perform muscle testing in order to pinpoint where the problem areas are and what nutritional supplements can counteract said problems.

More information on Nutrition Response Testing can be found here:

AcuNatural Family Healthcare

So what did we learn thus far? Well, I go back tomorrow for the full report, but
apparently, Gus does not have gluten problems. Big relief!! The recommendation is that we remove dairy from his diet as well as sugar. It will be a challenge, but nothing that will kill us. Quite frankly, I've always known that sugar is bad for him, in particular, but for people in general. (We were also given, as part of our packet, 124 Ways Sugar Ruins Your Health by Nancy Appleton, PhD.) In addition, it seems that Gus has mercury and lead in his system. So that will need to be addressed with a supplement called Metal Free. It's expensive, but if should last for several months and if it works, I can eat the buck-fifty. I'll just have to convince my husband.

But how could mercury and, especially, lead possibly be in his system? There could be contaminants present around us now, or there could have been some exposure as far back as when I was pregnant. I've got metal fillings, Gus had vaccinations, which probably had preservatives containing mercury. as for the lead, we've lived in 2 places that were built back in the thirties, so there could easily have been lead there, or who knows? there could even be some sort of lead contamination in our drinking water or in the canned food we eat. So if there's something that can get the metals out of his system, would I be remiss to not even try it and see if there's some improvement?

So far, I'm pretty optimistic about what I'm hearing, but time will tell. Despite the nay-saying, I've seen enough testimonials and heard enough first hand about this particular nutritionist, that I'm willing to give it a real try.

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