Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well that didn't go as planned

My husband did some of his own research last night on Nutrition Response Testing and is dead set against it and most of the nutritionist's recommendations. He's okay with removing the sugar from Gus's diet. There's a small chance that he may decide to come and talk to her, but he's firmly convinced that it's a bogus practice and doesn't want Gus taking any supplements. He's also not quite convinced that we should take him off dairy.

So we compromised a little. We're going with the sugar removal for 2 weeks to see the effect, then we'll try out the dairy removal to also gauge any differences. As for the metals, we've agreed to wait until we get the blood work back from the geneticist to see if they show up and we'll proceed from there.

Last night's was one of the most heated discussions we've had since trying to decide where/when/if to move.

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