Monday, August 13, 2007

There could be something to this

I took the weekend off partly because I wanted to observe Gus for a couple of days on our Feingold diet. Saturday worked out quite well as the doctor had instructed me to keep both kids quiet over the weekend (Gus had swollen tonsils and MM was getting over an ear infection). So we all went to Hannaford's to check out their natural foods section. I was very impressed - no only do they have an entire section of the store dedicated to organic foods, but there are other things scattered throughout the store as well. Their prices are excellent, too.

So this weekend a good 95% of what we've eaten has been unprocessed, additive and preservative free.

Any effect on Gus? That's hard to say, as he does have the thing going on with his tonsils. However...

He hasn't complained about any discomfort whatsoever; whereas he typically spends afternoons running back and forth across the house or some other such form of bouncing off the walls, he's been extremely calm and quiet; we only had one meltdown all weekend - over his video game not saving so he was afraid he'd have to start from the beginning. Now, he has spent a good deal of time in front of either the game console or his computer, but that's not very different from what he typically does. The calmness we've seen gives me reason to think that this dietary change may just work out for him. I won't jump at shadows just yet, but hope is good, isn't it?

If you've had any similar experiences with dietary changes, please comment and share them with us!

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