Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There could be something to this

This is day four of our dairy-free trial and I'm actually hopeful this time out. Gus has been, moreso today, more 'tuned in' and aware of what's going on around him. First thing today, I said, 'good morning' to him and he responded the first time. I normally either get no response or have to repeat myself a few times. Then, and this was the heart sweller, he made eye contact with me...and held it for several seconds with no prompting. That is extremely rare!

He's been active today, but not wildly out of control, at least not until his grandparents arrived, but I attribute that to general excitement and nothing more. His sister is just as out of control.

Another example of his being more alert and connected to his surroundings: we were playing a computer game with Mama, and Gus chose to play with his hand-held game. No problem; he'd been asking for it for days. But even while he was involved with his own game, he became curious about what we were doing and kept asking what was going on in our game. He wasn't completely immersed in his own thing. Eventually he came to join us.

He's been more conversational and less perseverative/questioning than is typical.

So, my conclusion is that these things could be for any number of reasons, but I have good reason to believe that cutting the dairy may be helping. The real test will be when he goes back to school. I don't intend to mention the change to his teachers because I want to see if they notice any difference.

Cross your fingers for us.

Oh, and anyone who has gone this route and could offer any advice, it would be very appreciated.

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