Monday, March 3, 2008

Two Weeks Later

We've been able to maintain our dairy-free diet for two weeks now. Gus still won't touch any of the other milks, not even the chocolates or vanillas. But otherwise, it's gone fairly well. I think that I'm having to redirect a little less in general, more so when he's kind of tired.

The real test for me was what his teacher was going to say. I didn't tell her that we had made any changes and I spoke to her on Friday. Now, during the week, there hadn't been any negative reports. But when I asked her if she'd noticed any difference in him, she said she hadn't. The only difference was that he wasn't taking things off of the aide's desk. I've asked her to let me know if she does see any changes.

Even if there isn't a significant difference in his ability to focus, I definitely feel that he's more 'with it' and more conversational. Maybe the other part will come in time. It's only been two weeks after all. So we're sticking with this plan at least for a while longer.

We're getting as much calcium supplementation into the kids as possible: fortified juices, multivitamins with calcium and calcium gummies (those are a huge hit). Those things as many calcium rich foods as I can get my kids to eat seem to be working out fine. I was very excited to find that Apple & Eve now offers calcium fortified juice boxes. If I could find a decent non-dairy mozzarella or ricotta cheese, we'd be golden!

If you're trying a dairy-free diet, please share your experiences! We'd love to hear them!

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