Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Step Forward

Last night, for the first time ever, we went out and left the kids with non-family babysitters. Yes the plural is intentional; I'm not totally insane. Gus's godfather and his wife came over, had dinner and then put the kids to bed. I am pleased to say that neither of the kids gave them a moment's grief and all was well.

Now, I wouldn't have left them with just anyone. Our friends both have training and lots of experience in dealing with special-needs adults - it's what they do for a living. So I felt confident that if Gus had a meltdown or went into a little hyperactive burst, they wouldn't freak out. As it turned out, Gus did do a bit of climbing and racing through the house crashing into the walls, but they put a stop to it quickly and in a way that I thought was very clever. It wouldn't have worked if I tried it, but that's because I'm Mom and they know me well enough to know what my threshold is. But a new person, well, she might not put up with much, so best not to push her. Kids are just so brilliant.

MM tried to weasel an extra story, but godfather shut that down easily too. She said she needed two people to tell her a story; he replied that he told her two stories so it was the same as two people telling one story each. I think by the time she reasoned that out, she was probably asleep.

I doubt we'll be going out like that again any time soon, but there is a wedding (husband's family) that we'll need babysitting for very soon. So thank goodness we've found someone!!

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