Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good People

It occurs to me now and then that while there have been a number of people - children and adults - who have been less than kind to Gus, there have been so many who have been really wonderful. We're very fortunate to live among some great neighbors.

Yesterday at the beach, one woman was there with her daughter and two nephews. Gus and MM had played with the little girl once before - they're all Pokemon enthusiasts. The nephews were much older, but played with the kids and were so patient with Gus, I actually went and chatted with the woman to tell her what nice boys they were. Then there's the family down the street with the two teens and two little ones. The older ones are really amazing with all the smaller kids in the neighborhood, but I don't think they know how much it means that they show Gus such patience and never exclude him from games.

We're surrounded by parents of children who show their kids by example that Gus is not "weird" as he's been called (not too long ago), but just different and totally acceptable.

They may not all understand the intricacies of autism or Asperger's (only one person does, actually) but our neighbors are good people. We're lucky to have found them.

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