Friday, January 9, 2009

Renewal and Reiki

Since I started writing My Autism Insights, I have found myself with less time to devote to this, my original autism blog. That's a shame because this one allows me to be more personal without the restrictions of a blog network. So I think I will make it a point to pay a little closer attention to Autism is Red and will start by tracking our progress with Reiki as a way to help Gus (diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome) focus and self-manage, especially during the school day.

I've recently received 2 Kundalini Reiki attunements from Alice at Reiki Awakening and should be receiving the third next week some time. This is not my first experience with Reiki as I have received energy treatments in the past. I decided to become a practitioner for two reasons: to help with my own depression and to help Gus with some of his challenges.

It's been difficult to get Gus to sit still for a treatment, and I find that I have a harder time sensing the energy flow if I try to do the treatment with my hands directly on him. Last night, I tried letting him sit in my lap and he was much more accepting. I also tried sending him treatments from a distance. One day I did it in the morning before school. On that day, he was reportedly on task in the morning, but a little scattered in the afternoon. Yesterday, I sent him some Reiki energy in the afternoon. The note from school was that he was unsettled in the morning, but better in the afternoon. Today, I did some Reiki when he got up and I'll do it again around midday to see what kind of day he has.

One thing I discovered from communicating with my Reiki teacher is that I had been very ungrounded, which made a light bulb go off over my head. It occurred to me that if Gus had a way to ground himself, half his school battles would be solved. One of the biggest issues he has at school is that he has trouble focusing on tasks long enough to complete them. I'm sure that bringing his energy down a little, out of his head if that makes better sense, would have to make it easier for him to get his work done.

If Gus responds well to this form of energy work, eventually I can attune him (when he's older) so that he can become aware of and manage his own energy needs. Wish us luck with it!


  1. I agree with Andrea that Reiki would be a wonderful way to go with this... there have been tremendous benefits associated with Reiki healing and Autism has been proven to be one area that responds really well and it certainly can't hurt!

  2. Dear Andrea,

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