Friday, October 10, 2008

Too Funny to Pass Up

Gus has been home sick for the majority of this week, and this morning he had a low grade fever, so I'm taking him to the doctor. He's really sluggish and not doing what he needs to do. So while he was sitting down to eat breakfast, his mind was sort of wandering and this conversation came up between him and his sister...

Gus: I think I'm gonna be seasick...Why would anyone get sick of C's? Too many C's...

MM: No, you mean seasick. When you get sick in a boat. You get Na-chis.

Gus: What??

MM: Nachis! Nachis!

Gus: Nachos? (Giggling)

MM: No! Nachis...when you feel sick!

Gus: You mean nauseous.

MM: What's naw-shus?

Gus: When you feel like you have to throw up.

They then (how I don't know) got into a discussion of garbage.

A bit of Friday morning silliness to ward off the lingering effects of a week-long sickness (but not seasickness because we are actually running low on C's at the moment).

Have a great weekend.

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