Sunday, January 13, 2008

Going Gluten Free...sort of

Wow, I haven't been here in ages! Sorry for the prolonged absence. I took a hiatus to write a novel back in November, which I did succeed in drafting, and then I was asked to revise my first novel, but I've been sidetracked with the inspiration to write a new one. So, I'll probably be sporadic at best. There hasn't been much new going on either. Gus's teacher had an accident just before Christmas and hasn't been back to school yet, so I think he's missing her. He's been sort of unfocused at school, not doing his individual work. But otherwise, he's pretty much been status quo.

My friend the dietitian came to see him this week and again recommended that we try a gluten free diet for just 2 weeks to see if there's any level of change in his ability to focus and attend to tasks. Since we've tried everything else, we decided to go for it. She left me a couple of cookbooks and I bought a bunch of gluten free food yesterday. Today is the first day of the trial. I'll need to find some Xantham gum soon - many of the recipes call for it. But this morning I made some gluten free pancakes from a mix. I had to tweak the recipe because of the cholesterol issue (the recipe called for eggs) and I used applesauce with low fat milk. They came out surprisingly good!

Gus is aware that there will be some dietary changes and I think he may be fretting about them a bit, but right now, he's pleased. Those pancakes really were good. I'm hopeful.

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